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Tales of Lola Pistola

Sara Flatten

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1. Quiet the Mind 

2. Mustang 

3. Sidewalk Picture 

4. One Sided Love 

5. Worlds of Extreme 

6. Inside this Person 

7. Darkness 

8. Trouble in Mind 


All Songs Written by Sara Flatten except for Trouble in Mind (Richard M. Jones) 

Musical Arrangement Guidance Given by Will, Jack & Jim 

Recorded and Mastered at Blue Cat Studios 

Engineer - Joe Trevino 

Producer - Joe Trevino & Jack Barber 

Vocals & Acoustic Guitar - Sara Flatten 

Background Vocals - Josslyn McGruger (Inside this Person & Quiet the Mind) 

Lead & Rhythm Guitar - Will Owen Gage 

Bass - Jack Barber 

Drums - Jim Collins 

Harmonica - John “Jake” Hernandez 


I want to thank my family, friends, music lovers and supporters for encouraging the creation of my 1st CD.

I look forward to a future of more creativity and expression. 

Special Thanks to Marcella Butler, Amy Little, Paris Rex, Randall Lewis, Athena Luna, Ariella & Amelia Reyes

Jake & Marcy Hernandez & Family, The Psychoholics, Rex & Kelly Foster, The Flatten Family, Ram Ayala, Rick Broussard, Kris & Nigel Miller, 

Jack Barber, Will Owen Gage, Josslyn McGruger, Danette Hernandez, Jim & Anna Collins,

Live Music Venues, Music Stations & The Great Spirit.



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